About Techbyte


An Enduring tale of inspiring excellence. There are very few creations where traditional know how mingles with the modern spirit. TECHBYTE emanate the same with unique state of the art dimensions.

Engineered from top of the line grades of Stainless steel and Designed with proven expertise these array of staicases not only meet the individual requirements, but add an aesthetic appeal to the space where it all stand tall.

These beautiful staicases come in various forms as traditional, conventional, corporate, modular and innovative modular all defining an enduring tale of inspiring excellence.


Since our origin in 1980, we have been dedicated and committed to creating & manufacturing innovative metal products for the fabricating industry in an atmosphere that is prosperous for our customers and employees. Our Goal is to maintain the highest standard of quality and service, and continiously improve our manufacturing methods.


An Indomentable Spirit. An Honest Commitment.
It all started with a passion way back in 1980 to present different Stainless Steel staircases often infused with break through variations that flow beyong the boundaries. Over the years TECHBYTE won the confidence across a wide verticals because of its strict material selection, advanced equipments, first class production technology, considerate after sales services the attributes that lead to effective quality.

Add to that TECHBYTE adopt new trends in tune with time a signature that endorse an indomitable spirit and an honest commitment for our valued customers.

Nine simple steps to select the right vendor for your railing work

Our 'Identity' is very significant, so that you are 'Highlighted' in today's market. So you need to make the right choice. Where only the 'fittest and best' to survive.

Here are 9 simple steps to decide your Railing dealer / manufacturer

  1. Check the credentials and track record of the company
    Since How many years it is in the field? Does it make just "Claims" or the facts substantiated?
    Who are the promoters? "Fly-by-night" operators? Or established respected names.
  2. What is its infrastructure?
    Are they qualified, certified & well equipped with the latest technologies? Do they have an R & D cell, to constantly innovate and monitor new developments / designs and technology?
  3. Is the curriculum industry – relevant?
    Remember only a company that has a strong foundation will be able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the railing industry. Only a company that has a strong, artistic & innovative work force skilled in computer designing / graphics, etc., can provide better & quality railing solutions industry requirements.
  4. Alliance and recognition by industry
    Another key parameter to judge a company credentials is its alliances / affiliations with world leaders such as ISA, BSA, etc. What is the quality and depth of the relationship? Does the company simply drop names or is the relationship real and documented?
  5. Is railing its core business?
    If it is so then it will get top priority and follow-up from the management compared to other companies whose core business is either not railing related, or a single business.
  6. Railing Assistance and track record.
    The true standing of a company is the acceptance by clients / industry. Insist on seeing the railing. A prospective client is immediately reassured if the company has a solid reputation.
  7. Pirated company proofs.
    A "fly-by-night" company will cut corners by using pirated proofs & photographs. This is absolutely illegal. The company may run the risk of being shutdown if raided. In such an event, apart from the company the prospective clients are also at great risk. Before you sign up, check if the company end-user is registered.
  8. Market strength
    This is an important selection criteria, especially for those seeking a railing company. Ensure the right quality of railing required and make sure of professional technicians. Do not go for a company that does not have market strength.
  9. Range of products to choose from
    A complete railing company will have a comprehensive range of products to offer. Because, different clients have different needs. Some may need basic literacy and awareness; some may seek display solutions and some simply may want to upgrade their industry. The wrong company will have a very limited range and would invariably force these Railing’s to prospects.